Maps & data

Route planners depend on the quality and content of maps!

Good map materials are not only precise, complete and regularly updated, but also clearly structured and contain additional, useful data.

Professional maps

With PTV, you benefit from a special map department, which further refines the high-quality digital map data from HERE, the European market leader, and other providers. This includes information such as:

  • Detailed ferry connections
  • Additional road segments
  • Extensive database of city and district names
  • Low-emission zones
  • Roads authorised for gigaliners

As an additional map, PTV Map&Guide has integrated the HERE / DigitalGlobe satellite maps that give you a realistic view of destination addresses, parking and premises, to ensure that your planning is even more accurate.

Increase the capacity utilisation of your vehicles                         

With the integration of the largest international parking database from the Truck Parking Europe app into PTV Map& Guide internet, you are not just able to build the optimal rest periods for your drivers into your plans, but also indicate the appropriate parking places on the route for them. The information shown on you map, does also include an occupancy category for the parkings.   (The app is available free of charge at

Example: Europa City

The PTV Europe City Map is available for all PTV Map&Guide products and is updated at least once a year.

Featured countries:

Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Faeroe Islands, Finland, France, Georgia, Gibraltar, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Macedonia, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Vatican, United Kingdom, Cyprus.

PTV Map&Guide maps offer three levels of map detailing:

  • Detailed Network
    The best available road network (including the entire road network from HERE and other providers). The detailed network is included in City-level maps, for example.
  • Extracted Network
    Interurban network with the major main roads, all cities and locations (location points) in Europe.
  • Transit Network
    Rough interurban network of major cities and locations in Europe.

Too heavy, too high, too wide? Route planning for trucks poses special challenges. PTV Map&Guide has specialising in the transport industry for more than 20 years and has helped to avoid unnecessary delays, detours, risks and the incurring costs.

Based on stored vehicle profiles, the following data for trucks and dangerous goods are included in route planning:

  • Restrictions in height, width, length, total weight and axle load
  • Transit bans (> 3.5 t, trailers and hazardous goods transport)
  • Other restrictions, such "Residents only" 

Data for trucks and hazardous goods available

Andorra, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary, United Kingdom.

No data for trucks and hazardous goods available

Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Faeroe Islands, Georgia, Iceland, Lithuania, Malta, Macedonia, Montenegro, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Vatican, Cyprus.

Since the cost pressure within the transport industry is high, keeping an eye on all cost right from the beginning is crucial. With an exact quotation costing, taking into account all relevant figures, you spare yourself time and unpleasent renegotiations.

Use PTV Map&Guide to calculate precisely, especially with respect to toll costs for your trips - for each individual vehicle.

PTV Map&Guide toll cost calculation takes into account:

  • Official toll tables for numerous European countries.
  • Special toll rates for tunnels and bridges.
  • Calculation of alternative routes in order to avoid tolls.
  • Integration of planned toll systems or future changes in toll rates.

Moreover you have the chance to add various kilometres, time or fixed costs for each country using an "Exception" configuration in a cost profile.

Countries with an exact toll:

Germany, France, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary.

Countries with an average toll:

Belarus, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Serbia, Spain, Turkey.

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