CO2 emissions calculator: Offer your customers green logistics

Reduce carbon and boost your competitiveness with the PTV emission calculator

Low emission driving becomes more and more important with the global warming and climate change. Since global warming is caused by CO2 emissions, green transport and carbon reduction is a must for responsible companies. With the PTV Map&Guide CO2 emissions calculator, you can offer your customers green logistics and support them in carbon reduction. Learn how to calculate all your emissions data for a specific route with the PTV CO2 emissions calculator. Offset your emissions with myclimate and contribute to green transport.

Map&Guide emissions calculator: Be ready for future legal regulations

A growing number of companies require proof of the CO2 emissions of transport services. On top of this, legal restrictions are being introduced. France is one of the first European countries to legally require CO2 reporting for transports within, from and to France from 2013 onwards.

How the Map&Guide CO2 emissions calculator supports you

With the PTV Map&Guide emission calculator, you meet the demand for green logistics already when calculating routes. Based on the vehicle, weight and inclines of the road, the software calculates all of the relevant emissions for a specific route. The CO2 emissions calculator also enables to directly offset your emissions via the non-profit foundation myclimate. With the emissions calculator, you can also generate a detailed emissions report.

Gain a competitive edge by offering your customers green logistics. Prepare your company for future legal regulations with the Map&Guide CO2 emissions calculator and be a good example for carbon reduction.

Overview of the CO2 emissions.
CO2 emissions calculator: Detailed report of all CO2 emissions caused by a truck route.

Map&Guide CO2 emissions calculator: Includes all emissions-relevant data

The PTV Map&Guide CO2 emission calculator automatically includes information of the emissions caused when calculating truck routes.


  • All of the relevant emissions (CO2e, air pollutants, greenhouse gases) are calculated depending on the vehicle configuration, unladen and load weight, together with the road and traffic situation (uphill and downhill incline, road type, etc.)
  • Production of detailed emissions reports for routes and trips
  • Reporting on CO2 emissions based on the French decree 2011-1336, which requires CO2 reports for all transports within, to and from France.
  • Also possible to calculate CO2e for subcontractors.
  • Calculation possible according to the new European standard for calculating fuel consumption and transport services BS DIN16258

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  • Emissions calculation of CO2e
    and other pollutants
  • Detailed emissions reporting

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