Map&Guide truck route planner: Save driving time and transport costs

Driving time calculator by PTV: Optimum truck route in just a few clicks

Time is money. That is why PTV Map&Guide transport route planner is geared to reduce your driving time. With the integrated driving time calculator, Map&Guide supports you in planning the optimum delivery sequence with just a few clicks. Learn how you get your goods quickly to your destination and how to relieve your scheduling department.

Avoid unnecessary travel and waiting times with the PTV driving time calculator

To calculate the exact driving time is quite complex, especially when several deliveries have to be brought together. Everyone knows the following scenario: Your trucks call at several customers on each route. And they all want their deliveries to be made within a specific time slot during the day. Planning the optimum driving times and delivery sequence can therefore easily take several hours to complete.

How Map&Guide helps you to reduce your driving time:

With the PTV Map&Guide driving time calculator, you can quickly and easily optimise the sequence of the stop-off points on your route. You can perform the calculation based on direct distance, road distance or time slots in which the customer wants the delivery to be made.

With the driving time calculator, you can consider opening times, ramp times, availability as well as fixed start and end points, for example. Save driving time and avoid unnecessary travel, waiting times and transport costs.

Screenshot: PTV Map&Guide driving time calculator.
The PTV Map&Guide driving time calculator plans the optimum route and considers all your deliveries.

Driving time calulator by PTV: Considers all delivery-relevant factors

With PTV Map&Guide, you can plan the optimal sequence of your stop-off points. The driving time calculator therefore considers further delivery-relevant factors:

  • Individual time slots, enabling you to reach more customers in less time
  • Calculation based on the kilometres that have to be covered and/or time slots during which the customers want deliveries to be made
  • Takes into account opening times and time-slot systems for delivery to warehouses
  • Factors in opening times and ramp times
  • Reduces waiting times at the ramp
  • Availabiliy and fixed start and end points

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  • Optimal sequence
  • Time-slot optimisation
  • Accurate calculation
  • Individual time-slot systems
  • Ramp times
  • Opening times
  • Fixed start and end points

In detail

This is how the PTV Map&Guide sequence and time-slot optimisation works.