Europe's most accurate route planner software: PTV Map&Guide

Route optimisation software Map&Guide: Save driving time and transport costs

Facilitate your transport logistics with the PTV Map&Guide truck route planner. The route optimisation software calculates the optimal truck route and considers all relevant criteria for an efficient truck routing. Get to know the advantages when planning your truck routes with the PTV transport route planner software. Learn how to save transport costs and driving time with Map&Guide.

Route planner software Map&Guide: Individual truck routing according to your needs

The route planner software enables you to plan your truck routes all over Europe based on important truck and hazardous goods data from more than ten categories. For example height and weight restrictions or transit bans.

Set your own road restrictions to meet your personal needs. The route planner software enables to factor road types to avoid ferries, low-emission zones or toll roads entirely. With the route optimisation software, you can also route your heavy-load vehicles on motorways as much as possible.

Screenshot: Live traffic report within the route optimisation software.
The route planner software considers live traffic reports when planning a truck route.
Screenshot route planner software: Overview of the driving times and rest periods of a driver.
Keep track of the driving times and rest periods of your drivers with PTV truck routing software.
Route planner software: Detailed view of a truck route.
Plan optimal truck routes with the Map&Guide route optimisation software.

PTV Map&Guide route planner software: Takes all truck route relevant data into account

The PTV route optimisation software considers all relevant factors for a comprehensive and efficient route planning:

  • Official truck and hazardous goods data – throughout Europe:

    • Restrictions in height, width, length, total weight and axle load
    • Banned thoroughfare (> 3.5 tons, trailers and transport of hazardous goods)
    • Further restrictions such as access for "Residents only" and many others

  • Customizable vehicle profiles (e.g. semi-trailer truck, 40-tonner…)
  • Permanent roadworks, long-term road closures and the latest traffic reports
  • The prescribed driving and rest periods as well as remaining driving and shift times of drivers
  • Your own customizable route closures and weightings*
  • Individual preferences (e.g. allow arrival and departure in restricted zones or avoid ferries/toll roads)
  • Alternative routes
  • Low-emission zones

*Not available in PTV Map&Guide internet

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  • Optimal transport route planning
  • Truck and hazardous goods data – throughout Europe
  • Customizable vehicle profiles
  • Permanent roadworks & road closures
  • Traffic reports
  • Driving and rest periods
  • Remaining driving and shift times
  • Individual preferences
  • Alternative routes
  • Low-emission zones

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This is what PTV Map&Guide truck route planning can do.