Break-even analysis with PTV Map&Guide: Gain the competitive edge with accurate calculations!

Most businesses see the need to compete by offering low bidding prices and win as many customers as possible, but that’s not the answer.

Finding selling prices in line with the market while remaining profitable is one of the most important requirements for your company’s survival. Implementing accurate calculations for winning pitches successfully can be time-consuming, especially if your customers generally require short-term proposals. So, how can you win against the competition?

Do you always know your total transport costs? Are you able to forecast the profitability of potential orders efficiently as a professional base for decision-making?

1.    Plan and optimise your route with PTV Map&Guide

2.    Calculate the resulting costs

PTV Map&Guide calculates the exact transport costs depending on the planned vehicles and drivers by taking the following parameters into account:

  • Fixed costs per trip, day, stop-off point and order.
  • Variable toll costs for roads, tunnels and bridges.
  • Variable distance costs per kilometre/ mile.
  • Variable time costs per hour (for driving, on-site, break and rest times).
  • Minimum wage costs per country.

3.    Find the right price

Realistic and economical price findings can be time-consuming. Thanks to the price finding feature within PTV Map&Guide, you can easily calculate valid selling prices for your trips. After defining your target margin, you can directly see the resulting target selling price for your planned route.

4.    Analyse your break-even point and maximise your profit margin

It is essential for you to know when your costs are covered, especially in this highly competitive sector. After you enter the final selling price per trip, stop or order which was confirmed by your customer, PTV Map&Guide calculates the resulting profit for the complete trip.

5.    Optimise your profit margin by benchmarking different planning scenarios

The benchmarking feature helps you to compare different options efficiently while considering the most relevant key indicators like toll costs, total costs, margin, driving distance and driving time as well as:

  • Determine which service delivery is the most profitable.
  • Identify the impacts of planning with one or more drivers.
  • A base for valid make-or-buy decisions.
  • Compare different planning scenarios.

PTV Map&Guide assists you to calculate your costs for single orders and entire trip accurately and helps you in running your business with maximised profit. The software is easy to use as it lowers the complexity of your planning processes and consequently shortens the time you need for proposals so you can keep ahead of your competitors.

Your result: Raise efficiency, reduce risks and strengthen competitive advantage!

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