Make better, more confident decisions using up-to-date minimum wage laws calculation

There are several minimum wage laws for foreign drivers and regulations within Europe to take into account when you plan for international transports. By ignoring these laws, your company and employees run a high risk of being fined or having your vehicles shut down.

Calculating the correct wages and the additional personnel costs per country under consideration of each minimum wage law is complex and time-consuming. The efforts for sales reps and transport managers thereby might rise dramatically without having a professional tool at hand that supports their daily work.

PTV Map&Guide enables you to automatically find the correct minimum wage values per country and thus calculates the personnel costs for your drivers. Transit, pickup/delivery and cabotage are taken into consideration as well as the relevant hours of service.

The results are directly taken for the total cost calculation of your route and thereby optimise your cost calculation and proposal management efficiently and sustainably!

The following countries have introduced different laws to govern the minimum wage: Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany (MiLoG), France (Loi Macron), Austria and Italy.

Minimum wage calculation with PTV Map&Guide internet: calculate accurate proposals by taking personnel costs into account and be on the safe side.

Lower complexity for planning international transports

PTV Map&Guide internet calculates the minimum wages to be paid to your drivers depending on the individual route planning. With its high level of automation, you save time in your route planning and cost calculation process. It’s not necessary to be an expert on minimum wage laws within Europe anymore as PTV Map&Guide supports you in a simple but efficient way. You can now focus on your customers’ requirements and transport planning again.

Calculate minimum gross salary and personnel costs

The route planner software calculates the gross minimum wage and the resulting salary costs for your drivers based on countrywide minimum wage law requirements.

Reduce risks and maximise your profit

PTV Map&Guide calculates with exact and realistic values under consideration of legal restrictions and working hours. Surcharges are only taken into account for the actual relevant working time within the defined countries. The risk of miscalculations can be reduced to a minimum as realistic personnel costs can now be taken into consideration for the total cost calculation. As a result, you can calculate without additional risk premiums and thereby increases your competitiveness for future proposals.

Be compliant with legal issues

Keep an eye on individual wages when reporting towards legal entities (audits). Through the minimum wage law calculation in PTV Map&Guide internet, you reduce the risk of having invalid information as it is always accurate and up-to-date.

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Your benefits:

  • Time savings for international route planning through high level of automation
  • Create accurate calculations and proposals
  • Reduce risks
  • Avoid miscalculations
  • Avoid fines and vehicle shutdowns
  • Maximum flexibility through advanced reports
  • One single product for the consideration of several minimum wage laws