Toll road calulator PTV Map&Guide: Exact calculation of your transport costs

Toll calculator PTV Map&Guide: Simplify your transport management

Truck toll charges are a major part of the transport costs. To calculate quotations accurately, it is important to know the expected toll charges of the planned truck routes. The PTV Map&Guide transport manager software considers all toll roads while planning the optimum truck route. Learn how to calculate your transport costs and toll charges precisely with PTV Map&Guide.

Toll road calculator by PTV: The basis for profitably calculating quotations

The PTV Map&Guide toll calculator provides regularly updated information on toll charges for numerous European toll roads and countries. The toll road calculator also includes changes planned for the future. and considers special tolls for tunnels and bridges. Besides that, the toll road calculator takes into account surcharges for freight and for your individual costs, e.g. based on distance or stops.

With the tolls calculator, you can calculate your transport costs for a vehicle profile of your choice based on costs per kilometre, driving time or fixed costs. If you wish, the transport cost calculator also includes additional time spent at stop-off points, driving time and rest periods.

Calculate your toll charges and transport costs precisely, avoid calculation errors and simplify the process of drawing up quotations and invoices.

PTV Map&Guide toll road calculator: All transport costs at a glance

  • Regularly updated toll charges and future tariff changes or the introduction of new toll systems in numerous European countries, including main roads, motorways and special tolls for tunnels, bridges or city centres, for example. Surcharges for freight and for your individual transport costs, e.g. based on distance or stops
  • Time and costs due to additional time spent at stop-off points as well as driving time and rest periods
  • Save your kilometre rates based on the distance or your tariff-zone system to simplify the calculation of transport services

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  • Exact calculation of truck tolls
    (incl. future tariff changes)
  • Calculation of special tolls
  • Includes route, time and fixed costs
  • Individual cost premiums
  • Freight surcharges
  • Additional time spent at stops
  • Kilometre rates
  • Avoiding toll roads