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  • Truck route calculation
    info Route calculation with extensive, individual settings
    info Traffic reports
    info Alternative routes
    Editing of "route types": e.g. flexibly prefer or avoid toll roads
    info Avoidance of motorways, toll roads or ferries
    info Data on trucks and hazardous goods
    info Connection to Teleroute freight exchange
    info Driving and break times
    info Create individual truck profiles
    info Low-emission zones
  • Toll and transport cost calculation
    info Accurate toll calculation (incl. German "Bundesstraßen")
    info Toll scenarios
    info Special toll
    info Cost calculation
    info Tunnel restriction codes
    Mileage on motorways (Germany only)
    info Allow arrival and departure in banned areas
  • Calculation of emissions
    info Emissions calculation
    info Compensation
    info Reporting
  • Display and classification of client data
    info Import of address data
    info Search for Next
    info Corridor objects
  • Sequence and time-slot optimisation
    info Sequence optimisation
    (up to 250 stop-off points)
    info Optimisation according to time slots